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etnic skirt

                                                                       skirt- h&m
                                                                       bag- h&m
                                                                       blouse- primark
                                                                       necklace- club manhattan

I bought this blouse because of the neon color actually I don't like pink but I like the lace piece at the back of the blouse. mostly I can describe my style as urban, street with a sexy female flavor. But actually I can't describe my style because I don't like to limit myself to a definite style the way I dress depends on my mood. I'd rather say that my personal style is a fusion of elements from other styles. I like to make combinations my own. Observing other people on the streets also inspires me. Besides that, I constantly browse the Internet for inspiration. I felt in love with this necklace I bought him last week can't life without it right now they have look a like the same at one of my favorite online stores beginning boutique check out this necklace pink spike necklace

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Hi lads, this is just a short post about absolutely one of my favorite online shops MADLADY there are less online shops where I do like almost everything but Madlady is definitely one of it. their shop really suits me and I think you can see that if you seeing all my looks. They do not have really much things but enough to make an amazing outfit and the things they have are so great! Especially the galaxy leggings I just have an obsession with every weirdo legging but also the shorts with the different colors and studs on it. The USA bikini from madlady is really popular I can understand that because he's really urban and sexy because of the strapless. When I'm on vacation and only wear a bikini I felt so boring I don't know. Can't believe I never wear jewelry 2 years ago again I don't know why!? Can't life without jewelry right know. aaaaw everytime after visit their online shop I'm crazy I just want everything. I recommend definitely to take a peek at MADLADY
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funky hair

                                                                          bag- H&M
                                                                          dress- Primark
                                                                          earring- H&M

Almost end of this week can't wait until the weekend starts. Me and a dress yes, pretty special because mostly I wear shorts or what else but never a dress. I saw the dress at the primark and I thought I must buy this dress because you can make it really urban with some cool creepers or sexy with some high heels. I never like a dress when I'm shopping only by other girls example when I'm looking on lookbook and see all those girls with nice dresses loveit! but this dress really suits me I bought the same model in another print I'll show you that dress another time. My hair is different but I did that because otherwise you could not see the earring.

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Top Trends for Summer 2012

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If you’re about to buy your summer wardrobe, you’ll need to know what the hottest trends are this season. Read on to discover the top trends for summer 2012 and how to wear them.

Lace is truly ace this summer, and is all over dresses, belts and bags. If you want to tap into the trend, the key is not to overdo it, as top to toe lace can end up looking more cheap than chic. Choose a dress with lace detailing around the neckline or hemline. A lace belt with a floral maxi dress and sparkly accessories ties in with the current boho trend, or you could try wearing a lace cuff instead of a bangle for a subtle nod.

The sailor girl look is ideal because there are so many different clothes you can choose from – all of which look timelessly elegant. For daytime, choose fitted navy shorts with espadrilles or modest wedges, and wear with a crisp white tee and red accessories. Alternatively, you could opt for a knee length sundress with nautical stripes and straw hat. In the evening, choose palazzo pants in cream or navy, and wear with a silky cream cami and chunky gold Chanel-style jewellery, finished off with delicate strappy sandals.

Sportswear has been consistently reinvented over the last few decades, and in the last couple of years, the sports luxe style has given classic clothes a sporty twist. Tie in with this summer’s 1920’s theme by wearing a drop waist tennis-style dress with pleated skirt in a pastel shade. For a super sexy look, you could try a clubbing dress with contrasting cut out weaved panels that will flash just enough flesh.

Acid brights are all over the high street, so incorporate a glimpse of electric pink or neon orange with a racerback vest under a loose, off-the-shoulder sweatshirt. Team with baggy pants or short shorts to finish the look.

If you love to keep things feminine, layering is ideal for you. Choose a Firetrap maxi dress and add a couple of belts, a crocheted waistcoat and plenty of beads and bangles. Summer waistcoats are all over the high street and work with shorts, skirts or jeans. They’re great for giving a waist to any A-line dresses that you may own as well. To tie in with the boho look, combine layers with wooden accessories and leather sandals.
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                                                                ring- beginning boutique
                                                                shoes- primark
                                                                jeans- h&m
                                                                bag- h&m
                                                                top- primark

this outfit is really me actually al my outifts are me but this is a special one I feel so comfortable in this outfit. This outfit is really urban but at the same time sexy because of the high heels and the necklace. Really love the neon color of this top and like it to combine it with this nice neon bag. The bag was a gift from my sister because I have a good transcript how cute is that? One busy month left and then finally time for my vacation with my best friend cant wait!! oh guys don't forget to visit beginning boutique they have so much new nice stuff on their online shop aaaaaw must absolutely MUST HAVES
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                                                      studded blouse- beginning boutique
                                                      ring with blue- beginning boutique
                                                      necklace- primark
                                                      short- second hand
                                                      shoes- jeffrey campbell
                                                      other rings- h&m
                                                      sunglasses- second hand

Hi lads, actually this is a simple look for me but I just wanna show you how amazing this blouse is and how you can make your outfit nice with nice jewelry. I love the color of the blouse and the studs on it I have absolutely an obsession with studs. I like to combine this blouse with everything this blouse is really handy you can make your look edgy but also female. By the way I'm sooooo happy with the blue/gold ring!! the ring is similar to the yves saint laurent but this is the fake and cheap one you can but it HERE My daily life is pretty boring at the moment everyday I'm working fulltime so I have little time to blog can't wait until I can blog much more but I have to do this to finish my schoolyear.

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 pink short / blue short / green short / purple short / ethnic short / striped short / neon short

I have absolutely an obsession with shorts so also colored and printed shorts. Colored shorts are handy for your closet but more save than printed shorts so I like printed shorts more because I never play save with my combinations. But these colored shorts are really cool because you can wear them high so your legs look much longer. Colored shorts are timeless because summer next year you will see them back. A lot of people say less is more but this summer I say more is more. The ethnic print is really an eye catcher and absolutely a trend I bought to much with a ethnic print but I just felt in love with it.

cowboy short / second short / dark denim short / grey denim short / basic denim short

How amazing are these shorts especially the one tea spoon short. Everybody needs one basic denim short in his or her closet because mostly you can wear it with everything. Especially when you don't know what to wear that day because you can pick a basic short a lovely top and you can make your fashion statement with your favorite jewelry and your highest heels. How cool is this one tea spoon short it really can give you a cowgirl look with some nice boots and a small scarf in your hair. Absolutely love one tea spoon this brand is based in Australia and they have a amazing sense of style and their collections are always so good so stay tuned at the fashionfinder because fashionchick also love shorts

How many flower shorts, pants, tops, dresses, jackets and shoes can you see in one shop? Absolutely the fashion trend of this summer. I think a lot people like this trend because everybody have a happy radiation. Maybe you would think flower printed shorts are not really my style but you can make everything your own style for example a sturdy look you can combine a flower short with a cool denim jacket and sturdy shoes and jewelry. For a more female look you can wear the shorts with some nice blouse and nice necklace and some amazing killer heels. I like both looks I don’t like to limit myself to a definite style the way I dress depends on my mood.

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