pink short / blue short / green short / purple short / ethnic short / striped short / neon short

I have absolutely an obsession with shorts so also colored and printed shorts. Colored shorts are handy for your closet but more save than printed shorts so I like printed shorts more because I never play save with my combinations. But these colored shorts are really cool because you can wear them high so your legs look much longer. Colored shorts are timeless because summer next year you will see them back. A lot of people say less is more but this summer I say more is more. The ethnic print is really an eye catcher and absolutely a trend I bought to much with a ethnic print but I just felt in love with it.

cowboy short / second short / dark denim short / grey denim short / basic denim short

How amazing are these shorts especially the one tea spoon short. Everybody needs one basic denim short in his or her closet because mostly you can wear it with everything. Especially when you don't know what to wear that day because you can pick a basic short a lovely top and you can make your fashion statement with your favorite jewelry and your highest heels. How cool is this one tea spoon short it really can give you a cowgirl look with some nice boots and a small scarf in your hair. Absolutely love one tea spoon this brand is based in Australia and they have a amazing sense of style and their collections are always so good so stay tuned at the fashionfinder because fashionchick also love shorts

How many flower shorts, pants, tops, dresses, jackets and shoes can you see in one shop? Absolutely the fashion trend of this summer. I think a lot people like this trend because everybody have a happy radiation. Maybe you would think flower printed shorts are not really my style but you can make everything your own style for example a sturdy look you can combine a flower short with a cool denim jacket and sturdy shoes and jewelry. For a more female look you can wear the shorts with some nice blouse and nice necklace and some amazing killer heels. I like both looks I don’t like to limit myself to a definite style the way I dress depends on my mood.

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  1. Very nice post, this is what every girls should have.
    I already have each one of them, but definitely I still need more :)

  2. What a nice post! :) We all need this for the upcoming season.
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    Visit: thereviewella.blogspot.com

  3. Lovely! I'm loving these trends and TOTALLY need to buy more! Awesome post!

    Love, Hannah...<3

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  5. I'm inlove with everything! By the way, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! Let me know if you want us to follow each other. Just tell me if you followed me already so I can follow you back right away!

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  6. love the denim shorts,lets totally follow each other,lovely blog dear


  7. Shorts are awesome! Thanks for stopping by :) xoxo, Dani of glitzerglitzer.com

  8. HI! Thanks for your comment on my blog!! (Hair's draws~)

    I'm so happy, 'cause you found me (my blog) and you commentes, and I went to see yours and I could see your cute style! So it's so rock, chic, trendy... A lot of adjectives like a modern woman;3
    *So do you know about the Creepers (shoes)? They are so orgasmic!! AAAAARGH, specially the black and cheetah print (with 5 cm!! O.O Lululuuuuu<~~)

    He he, see you soon, and yeah! I'll continue to do post, about fashion and RANDOM things!
    (You must be inside my head..... I have one world with three moons and three sunnies^^......Well, I mean, I have a lot of imagination, almost to madness)


  9. These are all really cool. I like your style!

    Xox Soph

  10. oh my... i want all of them


  11. well denim is just my best friend, u can combine it with everything! these floral ones at the end are fantastic, my fave are the floral trousers in the bottom left corner. too bad u didn't mention them cause they're fab and would spice up every look x