fashion against aids

                                                        top- ZARA
                                                        skirt- H&M
                                                        shoes- jeffrey campbell lita taupe
                                                        ring- made by floortje
                                                        green ring- H&M

yes, yesterday I went to the H&M for the collection h&m against aids. before I can buy the collection I visit the app from the H&M. and I really loved the collection. but it was maybe to much with the prints almost the all collection. I bought this skirt and I just felt in love with it, really strange because mostly I like the shorts but this skirt was better for my wardrobe. The ZARA blouse is really old I think 3 years but I think this blouse is really timeless. Also I bought a bikini from the collection. I'm really happy with my new stuff. By the way the black ring is made by floortje she made it for me as a gift again thank you dear!



                                                   short- Bershka
                                                   top- brandy melville
                                                   blouse- ZARA
                                                   nail ring- H&M                                                                                                  
                                                   shoes- jeffrey campbell lita taupe
                                                   double ring- River island

hi lads! This weekend was fun I went out with my best girlfriend romy and laugh to much. Hope you guys had a great weekend to. I bought this short in Amsterdam at the Berska i love the denim with the with and the studs i can wear it with a lot things. By the way im in love with this nail ring and hope you lads to. 



                                                                 shoes- monki
                                                                 jacket- h&m
                                                                 jeans- h&m
                                                                 sunglasses- vintage
                                                                 top- forever 21

aaaaaw loveeee this jacket and hope you guys love it to. I bought it last week @ the H&M I cant believe that I can find so freaking jacket there. This jacket is really me and is one of my favorite garment at the moment. by the way this amazing sunglasses is 20 years old really vintage but it gives me an urban look.

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haha I had to share this pictures with you just a little bit lifestyle of me. However I went to Amsterstam Yesterday it was cool and shop a lot of nice things. I hope I'm able to show you my new things tomorrow or wednesday. Anyways I made those tops above by myself I like to to do those things but it needs time I like the second one more than the first because you can wear it with more things and is more timeless. 


freaking out

                                                                 Top- ZARA
                                                                 Short- ZARA
                                                                 Shoes- Jeffrey campbell lita
                                                                 Ring- marc jacobs
                                                                 Bracelet- somewhere

yeaaaaah! I’m the winner of this amazing marc jacobs ring. It was a give away on this beautiful blog: http://floortjeloves.blogspot.com/ I wanna thank here again on my blog because she's so lovely. Ahhh finally im able to make this post over here but I can't wear this outfit right now because its to cold in the Netherlands I want it to be summer already to pay more attention to details in combinations and post my ideas over here. However I cant life without my sunglasses and my hat on my looks I think it makes my looks more personality.  Thanks a lot for sticking up with me on the blog. You lads are wonderful.


Take a breath, take it deep

                                                                   jumpsuit- forever 21
                                                                   rings- H&M
                                                                   necklace- H&M
                                                                   shoes- jeffrey campbell


if you can dream it, you cant do it

                                                                            blouse- zara
                                                                            shoes- roxy
                                                                            sunglasses- h&m
                                                                            top- forever 21
                                                                            short- river island