top- brandy melville
                                                                   short- second hand
                                                                   sunglasses- H&M
                                                                   blouse- sheinside
                                                                   necklace- bershka

I came back from my vacation in greece and my mom had an present for me. It was the etnic crop top from brandy melville I love brandy melville they have always some things I really like. Also I like the back of the crop top It's a nice detail. The denim short is so timeless can't life without it you can wear it with everything so handy. Oh and I bought the sunglasses for just one euro haha love bargains. Today I went to Amsterdam can't wait until the sale is over but I bought two pair creepers one black one with studs on it and one blue/green pair I'll show you of course  in a next post.

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I've bin to greece for 7 days and had an amazing time with romy! especially in the evening we had much fun and have fun experienced. Also we bin to starbeach it's the biggest party on the beach really different  party's than in the Netherlands. We spend much time in the sun and went often out for eat. Wednesday I'm going to Mexico for a relax vacation for two weeks can't wait!!

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my dreams came true..

         blouse- sheinside
 short- H&M
     earrings- H&M
shoes- RAS

finally a new look yeah:) I received this blouse from sheinside really love their fashion company nice to work with! I love the gold detail above the heels mostly I wear them with my creepers it gives you a more funky look. I always wear earrings when I had long hair but after I cut it I wear never earrings again so its a long time ago but I like them because of their funky appearance. 

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Hi lads, I am back from my vacation and I had an amazing time! I'm one week home and then I go to mexico for two weeks aaah I'm really excited I really love mexico. I love vacation but I also love my daily live example school, hanging around with friends and blogging. This Inspiration is really me and I love pics with a touch of heavy. I promise you a new look post soon as possible. I checked my mail inbox before I wrote this and I received a lovely mail from a girl she is a new blogger and she have a really good sense of style and fashion so take a look on here blog she really deserve it goldschnee

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dance in the dark

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                                                                                               dress- primark
                                                                      necklace- primark
                                                                      hat- river island 
                                                                      rings- h&m

This is my last blogpost before I go on vacation for one week. Very busy with packing my suitcase to much clothing and to much weight haha. I'm week off and I'm really gonna miss blogging. After the vacation in Greece I'm one week home and then I'm going for two weeks to mexico with my parents. Now about this outfit I bought this dress yesterday at the primark actually I do not like primark but I can not resist a moment to enter because everything is so cheap and you can pick only the best things oh and the jewelry is pretty nice. But is absolutely not one of my favorites shops but It's nice to go sometimes. lovely readers I'm back in one week so stay tuned!!

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cause her soul and mind are free

                                                                     shoes- oasap
                                                                     blouse- sheinside
                                                                     ring- oasap
                                                                     short- second hand
                                                                     bag- primark

yeaah last week I received much nice new stuff from my lovely sponsors! I'm very happy with everything but especially the black/orange shoes but also this amazing spike ring both of them are from oasap I like to combine the shoes with some more orange in the outfit example this galaxy blouse from sheinside unfornetly I really like almost everything with a galaxy print! I'm really excited to show you more outfits but I have less time to make the pictures because I'm still learning for school. Tomorrow is my last day at school and saturday night I'm going on vacation to chersonissos a party island in greece

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