shoes- oasap
                                                                      shirt- evil twin
                                                                      short- second hand
                                                                      hat- H&M
                                                                      jewelry- H&M
                                                                      necklace- river island

It's a long time ago that I wore that hat. When I bought the hat I really can't life without it but now it's to warm for a hat. I bought the top at Antwerp by Urban Outfitters it's from evil twin. Evil twin is an amazing brand and really suits me everything of their collection is so edgy, urban and at the same time sexy.

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you can't stop me

                                                                        shirt- jiglys
                                                                        pants- H&M
                                                                        shoes- alaysa
                                                                        necklace- club manhattan

I really needed new creepers and yes I've got them for 40 euro! I also bought them in an other color.  These pants are almost old because I have them for a long time but I never worn. The shirt with the skull is really handy because you can wear it with almost everything. By the way I also went to Antwerpen for 2 days with my mother we had a nice time and we only shopped love that! I bought nice things and I'm really excited to show you that in my next posts.

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                                                            skirt- beginning boutique
                                                            top- jovonnalondon
                                                            shoes- oasap

Finally time to show you a new look of me!  I missed blogging so much haha Very happy that I'm back right know because I have a lot of things that I wanna show you. When I came back from vacation I received much nice stuff from all my lovely sponsors example this skirt from beginning boutique I promised to myself that I'm not gonna buy more galaxy but it did not work. you can wear the skirt on two sides the galaxy side at the front or the black at the front. I choose the galaxy side to make this outfit colorful. the top is from jovonnalondon this is a new sponsor from me and is a part of topshop, their online shop is amazing so take a look! Jovonnalondon have a lot of funky things also this blouse with the lace, the studs and the leather pieces. and last but not least the creepers from oasap with the studs oke, it's evident I have an obsession with studs haha. these creepers are so comfortable the color can't be more practical, what more can I say one of my best shoes ever. 

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Back in Holland, We had an amazing time at Mexico. But no time to post so there is time for now. This is just a little post about inspiration because I have not had time to make pictures. One week vacation left and then it's time for school, time flies! Tomorrow a post about my new stuff!

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Pictures from the first days at Mexico I have really an amazing time here! I have seen amazing things, animals and places. We have been to Cozumel by boot and we visit also there nice places. Cozumel is the second best snorkeling place in the world really cool! Tomorrow we are going to Cancun and we have more than one week left yeaaah!

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After a long way traveling I'm at Mexico for two weeks. It's amazing here the water of the sea is amazing blue (pictures comes later!). Also the city is really nice and the people here to. I love vacation but missing blogging also so I decide I put a short post about my inspiration to let you guys know I'm still alive.

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